3 Awesome Benefits of a Medical Weight Loss Program

Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 100 — or something in between — one factor remains the same: The weight-loss journey isn’t easy. And sometimes, it can even be pretty discouraging. Even worse: After you reach your goals and the weight is finally off, it’s surprisingly easy to regain weight, negating all your hard work and leaving you feeling pretty frustrated.

If that sounds familiar — and especially if you’ve been “yo-yo dieting” with multiple failed attempts at losing weight — then medical weight loss at Qvita Health & Wellness could be a great solution. Here’s how — and why — our medical weight plans are better than DIY diet programs.

It’s customized

Most all of us have tried dieting at one time or another. That’s one big reason why commercial diet plans are so popular (and so profitable). DIY diet plans have been big business for well over half a century, and even before that, there were dieting “crazes” that captured the attention of men and women looking to shed extra pounds. (One example: Way back in the 1920s, the manufacturers of La Mar soap claimed all you had to do was lather up with their soap to wash the pounds away.)

The fact is, as great as it would be to have an easy, fast (and safe) solution for dropping excess pounds, losing weight takes work. The key is to make sure the work you’re doing is the right work for your needs. That’s where medical weight loss comes in. At Qvita Health & Wellness, our medical weight loss plans are tailored to the individual patient. We know losing weight isn’t just about eating less and exercising more (although that seems to be the common “advice” given by well-meaning friends and relatives). Lots of factors can influence weight loss as well as weight gain, including your health, your lifestyle, and even your genes. Before your weight loss plan begins, you’ll have a full medical evaluation, including blood work and other lab tests to identify nutritional deficiencies that can interfere with healthy weight maintenance and even cause virtually undeniable cravings. Then our team will use that information to build a weight loss program that’s based on your specific needs. Building a custom solution means you’re positioned for success right from the start, and that’s something the one-size-fits-all commercial and DIY diets just can’t achieve.

Personalized support

Weight loss takes time, and it also takes a lot of willpower. Of course, once we identify nutritional issues, many of the cravings that sabotaged your dieting efforts in the past can be eliminated. But it still takes perseverance, and having a cheering section can go a long way toward helping you celebrate your victories throughout your journey (and also keep you from veering off course). With our medical weight loss plans, you’ll have guidance and support along the way to help you stay motivated and focused on your results. Our medical weight loss team is always on hand to answer questions, and regular office visits during your weight loss program will help us alter your plan as needed so it’s always laser-focused on your achievements and your target goals.

Better overall health

A lot of fad diets (and even some commercial diets) give little thought to long-term health effects. Many diets leave you with major nutritional deficiencies that can take a big toll on your overall health and wellness, not just during your dieting period, but afterward as well. Because our medical weight loss plans start with a thorough medical evaluation, you can feel confident all your nutritional needs will be met throughout the dieting process and beyond. In fact, with a medical weight loss program, you can reduce your risks for many serious medical problems, like heart disease and diabetes, and because your body will be getting the nutrients it needs, you’ll have a lot more energy too (which can make exercise and activity a lot more fun and enjoyable). In short, while commercial and DIY diets might help you shed some pounds, they’re not designed for overall health benefits, especially as they apply to your medical history and health needs.

Learn how medical weight loss can work for you

At Qvita Health & Wellness, our medical weight loss program is geared for your success right from the very start. To find out more about medical weight loss or to have us design a program just for you, contact the practice today.

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