How You Can Improve Your Overall Wellness with IV Therapy

Overall Wellness with IV Therapy Qvita Health & Wellness Panagiota (Peggy) Demetriou

If you're like a lot of individuals, you probably don't get enough vitamins and minerals in your daily diet, let alone be able to experience the benefits they provide. IV therapy is an effective and safe way to get essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream.

The contents if the IV drip varies depending on what your aim is, but many contain vitamin C, B vitamins, calcium and magnesium. Because IV therapy delivers a high concentration of essential vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream, your body will experience their benefits much more effectively than if you were to just pop a pill which doesn't absorb entirely through your gastrointestinal tract.

How vitamin IV therapy works

The things you put into your body control the function of your cells at a cellular level. When your cells work the way they should, your organs work properly and optimally. This improves your overall health.

When you receive an IV vitamin treatment, you're receiving a mixture of vitamins and minerals in liquid form into your vein through a small tube. This lets the nutrients absorb directly into your bloodstream more quickly. You get higher levels of nutrients into your body than you would if you got them from supplements or food. This is because various factors affect how your body absorbs nutrients in your stomach.

Factors include:

Higher vitamin and mineral levels in your bloodstream result in greater uptake into your cells which will use the nutrients to fight illness and maintain health—theoretically.

An IV infusion typically takes between 30 to 45 minutes to complete and you can receive it right here in our office at Qvita Health & Wellness by Panagiota (Peggy) Demetriou, ARNP, FNP-BC, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

How often should you get IV therapy?

None of our IV treatments contain the toxins you would find in pharmaceuticals or medicine, so you can't experience an overdose. Theoretically, it's safe for everyday use, if you're healthy.

Most individuals, realistically, don't put such huge demands on their bodies that they'd need nutrient IV therapy every day. We offer a bi-weekly program, which is our most frequent dose. However, you should set up your treatment regimen to suit your lifestyle.

Depending on your hydration and nutritional status, you could see drastic effects after your first IV treatment. Those who receive IV therapy regularly won't feel as dramatic an effect as their body begins obtaining optimal nutritional and hydration balance.

Hospitals use IV treatment for delivery of medicine, hydration and nutritional boosts for individuals with absorption problems. However, you can reap the benefits from IV therapy without stepping into the hospital. If you're feeling weak, low on energy or have signs of a deficiency in nutrients, IV therapy could help.

If you would like to experience more energy and an improved sense of wellbeing, book your appointment with Qvita Health & Wellness to see Panagiota (Peggy) Demetriou, ARNP, FNP-BC, .

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