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About Us:

Dr. Nektarios Demetriou and Peggy Demetriou are medical professionals who became inspired to combine their medical knowledge and experiences with scientific research to create Qvita Supplements.  They are committed to helping patients achieve and sustain healthy lives. As a practicing physician and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP), they see patients who want to be healthy and fit, but are actually being harmed by vitamin supplements.

Their commitment to wellness has led them to develop Qvita supplements. These are innovative formulas that are of an ultra-high-quality and pure. From their Premier Multivitamin to their Joint formula, B-complex, COQ10 and Antioxidant. Qvita’s once a day formulas are designed to be natural, convenient to use and completely free from artificial fillers, flavors or colors. The design and formulation of their products were created with you in mind to generate that true feeling of increased energy, vitality and well-being that we all crave.

Their passion is making a difference in the lives of our patients and those who desire a healthier life. Explore the website to learn more about their research and Qvita products, then order your supply and see how Qvita can make a difference in YOUR life.

We studied the properties of many ingredients and determined the optimal doses of each one to develop in our supplement lines that we felt would make people feel healthier and more energetic. Our ingredients have been rigorously tested to be compliant with the industry’s strictest quality protocols. Ultimately, we have done this to bring to you our one of a kind innovative Qvita Formulas.

Our Commitment to You

Our commitment to wellness has led us to develop Qvita supplements; Innovative, high-quality products. Our passion is making a difference in the lives of our patients and those who desire a healthier life. Explore our website to learn more about our research and Qvita products, then order a supply and see how Qvita can make a difference in YOUR life.

Our Company Mission

To create high quality trusted natural nutritional supplements without the use of fillers or artificial preservatives.  Our endeavor is to optimize your health and feeling of well-being through the integration of our many years of experience in the health field to bring to you health products of the highest quality at an affordable price. Our desire is to bring to you trusted proven products that you can rely on in your daily life that can give you the energy, vitality and longevity you deserve.

Our Philosphy.

We have put ourselves in your shoes to devise products that we hope will make your life that much fuller. Our name explains our philosophy

Quality:            The highest standards achieved in the purity of our ingredients to the manufacturing of our products

Vitality:            We endeavor for you to have more energy and an overall feeling of well-being.

Innovation:      We have painstakingly devised and procured our ingredients to offer you  cutting edge products that will supplement your life

Trust: Trusted to bring you a product of the highest natural quality without fillers, artificial, or preservatives.

Affordability: We have formulated Ultra High Quality products with you in mind, offering high quality without the high cost.

Our Promise

To consistently utilize our years of experience to offer you natural products of the highest standards, without colors, fillers or preservatives. We will strive to constantly improve our products to our exacting standards and we will do so with the intent to offer high quality supplements whilst maintaining affordability.

Our Research

We studied the properties of many varying ingredients and the optimal dose of each one that we felt would impact you in such a way you would feel healthier and more energetic. The ingredients we use have not only been vigorously tested for purity but our manufacturing process has also been subjected to the strictest and most stringent of protocols in the industry for purity and potency!  Our unique Qvita formula’s have been manufactured for excellence and we have been awarded the privilege of displaying GMP, NSF and FDA registered facility on all our products.

Peggy Demetriou

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