Let IV Therapy Boost Your Immune System This Cold and Flu Season

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Every year, millions of people suffer from colds and flu, and according to the CDC Foundation, the flu alone is responsible for about 200,000 hospitalizations and thousands of deaths annually. Once you “catch” a cold or flu, there’s not a lot you can do except wait it out. But there are things you can do to help prevent illness in the first place, and it all starts with making sure your body is ready to fight the germs that cause these illnesses.

IV therapy: Boost your immune system naturally

Your immune system is your body’s built-in defense against disease-causing germs, and when it’s optimized for battle, it can do a really good job at preventing illness. But to stay in peak condition, your immune system needs a steady supply of key vitamins and nutrients. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t get nearly enough of the recommended daily amounts of many nutrients necessary to keep their bodies as healthy as possible. And that means the door is open for disease-causing germs to wreak havoc.

IV therapy works by providing your body with the nutrients it needs to bolster its natural defenses. During a therapy session, a special infusion of nutrients is delivered directly to your bloodstream via an IV needle inserted in your arm. IV delivery means those nutrients reach your bloodstream (and your immune system) without first passing through the digestive system where they can be diluted or changed into less helpful forms. Plus, “direct delivery” means those nutrients can get to work more quickly so you can start building your immune defenses right away.

At Qvita Health and Wellness, we offer an array of options for IV therapy so we can customize a plan just for you. In addition to our Natural Defense vitamin drip, we also offer therapies aimed at strengthening muscles and joints, promoting focus and mental clarity, as well as preventing fatigue and other health concerns. Most people benefit from a biweekly regimen to ensure their bodies receive a continual supply of healthy nutrients, but we can customize the frequency of your treatments as well. Each session takes about 30 to 45 minutes to administer the complete infusion. Investing in IV therapy on a regular basis could even benefit your budget by helping you avoid the inconvenience and costs associated with frequent trips to the doctor.

Isn’t the flu shot “enough” to prevent infection?

The flu shot can be very effective in preventing disease. But the problem is, there are lots of different “types” of flu. Each year, researchers have to guess which types will be most prevalent during the next flu season and make the year’s vaccines based on those predictions. That means if you wind up getting exposed to a different kind of flu, the vaccine won’t help you.

IV therapy helps your body build up its overall defenses against all types of flu so you’re better able to fight off the germs and avoid a full-blown infection. That does not mean you shouldn’t get the flu shot. In fact, you can have IV therapy regardless of whether or not you have a flu shot. IV therapy can work together with the flu shot to help further decrease your risks for getting sick. And of course, the flu shot won't provide any protection against colds.

Learn more about IV therapy at Qvita Health and Wellness

No one wants to get sick, and in some cases, colds and flu can cause serious, life-threatening complications. It just makes sense to do all you can to bolster your body’s natural defenses so you’re better able to ward off disease-causing germs. Plus, IV therapy can help you feel more energized too. To learn more about IV therapy at Qvita Health and Wellness or to find out more about the options we offer, contact the practice today.

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