Stress Incontinence and Vaginal Rejuvenation with EmpowerRF

Childbirth, menopause and other factors can take a toll on the female genitalia, causing vaginal laxity, scarring, lack of moisture, and other concerns. In the past, women were told these concerns were just a normal part of life after children or after a certain age, and they just had to “deal with it.” With modern technological advances, we can now help.

Revolutionizing Women’s Health is the EmpowerRF System. This system includes Morpheus8V, FormaV and Vtone. We have been able to improve women’s lives without surgery. Women that stopped exercising or no longer had sex have regained their lives back!

Morpheus8V is a small microneedling handpiece designed to rejuvenate the vaginal and vulvar tissues. In addition to the substantial enhancement it provides from microneedling alone, it emits radio frequency (RF) energy to provide further benefits.

RF energy delivers heat to the vaginal tissues at the same time as the microneedling is applied, which even more strongly triggers the production of collagen. The device utilizes both healing methods, microneedling, and RF energy, in order to dramatically rejuvenate the vaginal area, producing tighter, firmer, and more elastic vaginal skin and tissue. 

How Morpheus8V can treat an overactive bladder

Morpheus8V delivers targeted, precise energy to treat urinary incontinence, allowing you to avoid bladder mesh surgery under general anesthesia.

Because Morpheus8V stimulates your natural healing mechanisms, this increased collagen support in the vaginal tissue can relieve stress urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, and urge incontinence. The tightening action of Morpheus8V strengthens the anterior vaginal wall to lift the bladder and urethra to improve urinary incontinence dramatically.

What you need to know about Morpheus8 V:

Other exciting options are the FormaV and VTone devices:

FormaV comfortably heats the vaginal and vulvar tissue, stimulating collagen, elastin production and blood flow, which improves lubrication, vaginal support and urinary continence. It results in even more collagen production in the vaginal walls that support the bladder and urethra, and markedly improves bladder control for both stress urinary incontinence and overactive bladder.

The Vtone uses electromagnetic stimulation (EMS) to contract the muscles inside the vagina to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. That's the equivalent of more than 15,000 Kegel exercises in one 40-minute VTone session! A woman can strengthen her body’s tone, improve appearance and function as well as boost her bladder control and vaginal laxity.

What Can I Expect?

A thorough consultation is one of the most critical parts to successful treatment with the EmpowerRF platform. Peggy Demetriou, APRN-BC will discuss your concerns as well as your medical history to determine if  you are truly a candidate for this procedure. For best results, all two to three components of the EmpowerRF platform are typically recommended. These treatments are ideal for women experiencing a variety of feminine wellness concerns. These unpleasant issues can afflict women at any age, although childbirth and menopause can often be either the cause or a significant contributing factor.


Peggy Demetriou, FNP, APRN-BC Founder and CEO of Qvita Health and Wellness.

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