The Qvita Health and Wellness Guide to Summer Skincare

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Summer brings it own set of challenges when it comes to managing skin. Yet, skincare experts seem to have glowing skin no matter what the season or temperature. That is because they have a solid skin care routine all year and make adjustments transitioning to different seasons. Also keep in mind that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, which takes up the importance of sun protection to a higher level.


  1. Lighten Up Your Skin Care

Just as your wardrobe is lighter in the summer, so should your skincare. In the summer you can swap out your cream or oil-based cleanser for one that is a gel or foam. The heat and humidity can make any product feel heavier so by switching you get a lighter and more hydrating clean. Personal favorites are Obagi Nuderm or Prof-C Gel Wash, Skinbetter Cleansing Gel, or Skinmedica Cleansing Gel.


  1. Invest in a Good Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C is a great antioxidant all year round but is especially important in the summer. With skin dehydration and UVA/UVB rays, the protection from Vitamin C is very important. It also helps with hyperpigmentation, fine lines and collagen production. Personal favorites include Skinceuticals CE Ferulic and Silymarin, Skinbetter Alto and Obagi Profession C serum.


  1. Continue to Moisturize

Sun damage and dehydration are your summer threats and require a moisturizer to protect the outer layer of your skin from environmental damage, irritation and dryness. Personal favorites are Skinceuticals B5 Gel for its lightweight feel, Skinbetter’s Trio for a creamier texture, and Skinceuticals Triple Lipid for dyer skin.


  1. SPF

This is your most important and fundamental skincare item – face and body. This is the last step of your daytime skincare regimen and needs to be reapplied liberally every 2 hours when outdoors longer. Don’t forget your neck and decolletage, ears, hands and feet. Apply 15-20 minutes before going outside so it has time to work.  Favorites include Obagi Mineral Tints SPF 55, Skinbetter Tone Smart SPF 75 in Cream or Compact SPF 68, Colorscience Powder Brush and Compacts, Neocutis Journee with Vitamin C and SPF 30 and OTC Neutrogena Helioplex for broad spectrum coverage SPF 55 and above.


  1. Exfoliation

Summer time skin may require additional exfoliation due to oils and sunscreens. Instead of once or twice a week you may needs to exfoliate up to 5 days a week. Although physical exfoliation is usually sufficient, using alpha-hydroxy acid and other safe home acids can be even more beneficials in the summer. Favorites include Skimmedica AHA BHA Exfoliating Cleanser, Obagi Home Revivify Peels, Skinbetter AlphaRet Peel pads and Neocutis Exfoliating Cleanser


  1. Detox

Oils and dead skin cells become more of an issue in the summer. Detox with a good mask 2-3 times per week to clean and absorb excess oil for a healthier complexion. Personal favorites include Skinceuticals Clay Mask, Skinbetter Detoxifying Scrub Mask, Esthemax Jelly and Peel Off Masks.


  1. Shorten Your Showers

Sweating and beach days may have you showering more than once a day, but taking shorter showers with a cooler temperature water will help you avoid drying your skin and causing inflammation.


  1. Choose Make up that is Noncomedogenic

Noncomedogenic means products that do not clog pores. Choose brands that are oil-free and consider changing to powders as well. Personal favorites are Jane Iredale and Coloscience.


  1. Wear Sun Protection

These days we have many options of sun protection clothing, unlike when I was growing up. Choose clothing with SPF, wide hats, and wide-frame sunglasses marked with the appropriate UVA/UVB protection. Stay in the shade when you can as well.


  1. Hydrate

Remember that our bodies are composed of 80% water so bring water with you when you are away and remember to fill up your bottles often. This hydrates your skin, reduces wrinkles and helps your overall health. So drink even when you’re not thirsty.


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Peggy Demetriou, FNP, APRN-BC Founder and CEO of Qvita Health and Wellness.

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