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Hereditary Cancer and You

Take a genetic assessment to determine if you are a candidate for hereditary cancer screening:



Up to 10% of all cancers develop because a person inherited a genetic mutation in a way that encourages the disease to grow. Individuals with genetic mutations are far more likely to develop certain cancers, often at much earlier ages than the general population. At your appointment, your healthcare provider will determine your hereditary cancer risk based on your personal and family history. Our office uses the Myriad myRisk Test to analyze 25 genes associated with overlapping cancer risk. The test result provides critical information for our healthcare provider to make optimal medical decisions and take action in building a personalized cancer risk-reduction plan. The Myriad myRisk analyzes cancer risk for Breast, Ovarian, Gastric, Colorectal, Pancreatic, Prostate, Endometrial, and Melanoma Cancers.

Download and print the Hereditary Cancer Risk Questionnaire and bring to your appointment.

DNA Drug Sensitivity Test

More than two million serious adverse drug reactions occur annually and account for at least $3.5 billion in unnecessary medical costs. Integrated Genetic Solution’s (IGS) integrated genomic tests provide you and your healthcare provider life-long information to reduce the risk of adverse drug events, therapeutic failures and unnecessary expenses.

It is well recognized that different patients respond in different ways to the same medication. The need for patient-specific medicine is clear.

IGS’s integrated genomic solution — which includes the unique combination of pharmacogenomics testing and therapeutic drug monitoring — dramatically improves clinical judgment and helps healthcare providers form a more accurate, comprehensive and effective treatment regimen for their patients.

Unlock Your Code

Take the guess work out of one-size-fits all treatments and fad diets. Discover the complete roadmap to tailored solutions based on your unique body chemistry. Using Integrated Genetic Solutions (IGS), we can isolate imbalances and underlying causes. We can then apply specific treatment programs with customized dosages of medications and supplements. Your roadmap starts with laboratory certified DNA and blood testing, researching the genetic markers and blood values that make up your body chemistry.


Myriad Foresight®

We are proud to offer the Myriad Foresight Carrier Screen to identify more couples at risk to pass down serious inheritied conditions

The Myriad Foresight Carrier Screen is designed to maximize detection of at-risk couples for serious, prevalent, and clinically-actionable conditions.

Universal carrier screening for cystic fibrosis and spinal muscular atrophy is recommended by ACMG and ACOG.

30% more pregnancies affected with cystic fibrosis* or spinal muscular atrophy can be identified using Myriad Women's Health's testing methodology.

*when compared to a traditional 23 mutation panel

Why do we offer Expanded Carrier Screening

Offering carrier screening based on family history or ethnicity could lead to missing affected pregnancies for serious conditions.

86% of affected pregnancies missed

86% of affected pregnancies detected by expanded carrier screening are missed when screening for cystic fibrosis and spinal muscular atrophy alone.

77% of couples took action

77% of couples found by ECS to be at risk for severe or profound conditions pursued alternative reproductive actions such as prenatal diagnosis or IVG with preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

8 years to diagnose

On average it takes 8 years to diagnose a rare genetic disease.

40% cannot correctly identify ethnicity

40% of Americans can't correctly identify the ancestry of all four grandparents.


Let's make expanded carrier screening (ECS) routine

In 2017, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) recognized expanded carrier screening as an acceptable screening strategy. Offering ECS routinely, regardless of family history or self-reported ethnicity, can improve outcomes for all patients.

In fact, the total risk of serious disorders identified through ECS* is higher than the incidence of routinely screened for conditions.

*For persons receiving Foresight Universal (176 condition) screening. Modeled US population, excluding those with family history.


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