Bluestone Shield


The original chic solution to sun protection.

Bluestone Sunshields block harmful UV Rays and are recommended by healthcare practitioners. 

Our Sunshields provide privacy & protection post cosmetic treatments or everyday use Bluestone Sunshields was born out of the need for fashionable, practical options available for

healthcare practitioners and patients offering both privacy and sun protection.


The fashion forward shields have quickly gained notoriety from industry leading healthcare practitioners and celebrities alike even catching the attention of high-end fashion

trendsetters featuring in publications such as Women’s Health and SHAPE Magazine. 


Not only does Bluestone Sunshield provide fashionable privacy and sun protection, but are now regarded as an essential tool for healthcare workers providing a transparent barrier

between patient and specialist allowing for safe treatment 


Bluestone Sunshields are tested and approved according to the ANSI, American National Standards Institute,  Z80.3 standards. They are regularly testing the products in-house

and with their 3rd party testing facility. 


Bluestone Sunshields proudly offers a proprietary Lux Material which unlike other shields on the market are heat resistant and available in unique custom colors.

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