Nanoparticles (exosomes)


Nanoparticles (exosomes) are extracellular vesicles that are released by cells. They are able to find their way deep into your skin for deep nourishment and repair. They’re a wonderful delivery method for proteins, lipids, and biomolecules such as growth factors, peptides, and microRNA, which enhance and support healthy tissue. They act as carriers, enabling communication by transferring their cargo to recipient cells. This is made possible by leveraging the power of stem cells to increase the production of skin collagen and elastin by significant amounts. More collagen and elastin results in visible reductions to the common signs of aging. We are able to offer you this through ReviveX.

What is ReviveX?

ReviveX serum is a potent topical post-procedure blend of ingredients that may remarkably enhance the quality, texture, and appearance of your skin. We are harnessing the powerful abilities of exosomes in ReviveX. In aesthetics, these have showed several potential benefits, like enhancing skin rejuvenation and influencing factors such as collagen and elastin production.

Where Do ReviveX Exosomes Come From?

Exosomes are extracted from the umbilical cord in an ethical and non-invasive way – only after delivery, without causing any harm to the mother or child. They follow all FDA requirements for donor qualifications, including C-section only tissue from deliveries performed in an operating room.

What Measures are Taken to Prevent Contamination?

Ensuring an allogeneic product is free of infectious diseases and microbiological contamination is a multi-step process. It begins with strict donor selection, involving thorough medical history reviews and rigorous testing for various pathogens, such as viruses.

Luvigix follows FDA guidelines for donor selection CFR 1271. Once suitable donors are identified, the collected materials undergo a series of processing steps designed to eliminate potential contaminants. Throughout the entire manufacturing process, stringent quality control measures are in place. Multiple samples are regularly taken and subjected to comprehensive testing, utilizing traditional culture-based methods for sterility. By implementing these rigorous measures, allogenic products are meticulously safeguarded against infectious diseases and microbiological contamination.

Anti-Aging Benefits

After the patients' aesthetic treatment, their skin will have microscopic channels, allowing ReviveX serum to access the appropriate skin depth for optimal regeneration. Skin regenerates approximately every 4 weeks, so patients may observe gradual results throughout this period.

Properties and Advantages:

  • Potent Anti-inflammatory Properties
  • Immunomodulatory Effects
  • Enhanced Tissue Repair and Regeneration

Common Benefits After Treatment:

  • supported and stronger skin’s barriers
  • boosted hydration and improved skin elasticity for a youthful glow
  • a renewed appearance by evening your skin tone and texture
  • long lasting protection against environmental stressors
  • contributes to a more youthful appearance

Treatment Advantages:

  • Non-Invasive
  • Quick Application
  • Rapid Recovery
  • Zero Downtime
  • No Discomfort

ReviveX serum could potentially revive the youthful appearance of the face with a significant enhancement in skin quality, tightness, and pigmentation irregularities caused by aging, sun exposure, and environmental factors.


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