PDO Thread Lifts: Everything You Need to Know

For years, the only effective way to reverse the effects of skin laxity was facelift surgery. Though there are many nonsurgical procedures that restore some vibrance and volume to aging skin, their effects are limited. In some cases, there may come a point where additional treatments give unnatural results, the look of “having work done” that most are eager to avoid.

There’s simply no substitute for pulling back loose skin. The loss of moisture and elasticity that naturally occurs with age emphasizes the flaws in the support layers under the epidermis. Dermal fillers and collagen induction can help, but these are temporary measures that fall short of a facelift-type solution.

At Qvita Health & Wellness, our team of aesthetic experts offers FDA approved PDO thread lifts for skin tightening by Les Encres. Here’s what you need to know about this anti-aging treatment.

PDO thread lifts

A comparatively new cosmetic procedure, thread lifts use specially prepared sutures to pull back and tighten loose skin using a minimally invasive, in-office treatment, with little discomfort and short recovery times. Polydioxanone (PDO) has unique properties that make it ideal for thread lifting. It’s easily formed into shapes that suit thread lift techniques, and it’s stronger than other absorbable suture materials, providing long-lasting results.

How thread lifts work

The PDO thread used for lifts has tiny cone-shaped nodules along the length of the thread. These permit a “one-way” action that’s key to the thread lift technique. The threads are inserted through the skin parallel to the surface using fine needles, and once placed, the end of the thread can be pulled. The nodules act as a lock against backward motion and create upward or backward traction measuring about 1-2 centimeters.

This creates skin motion that takes up lax skin and reduces the appearance of some skin folds. The threads remain under your skin, holding tissue in place before dissolving months later. This tightening of the skin isn’t the only benefit of a thread lift though.

Collagen stimulation

Though the needles and threads used are of a small diameter and well-tolerated by most patients, your body’s repair systems still recognize the intrusion. The result is a healing response that works with the physical effects of the thread lift, as your body creates new collagen tissue in the weeks after your treatment.

Collagen is the substance that adds volume and strength to your skin, so new collagen improves the support and appearance of your skin in treatment areas.

An intermediate treatment

On the aesthetic procedure spectrum, PDO thread lifts sit between superficial cosmetic treatments and facelift surgery. Threading may be the perfect answer for you if fillers and skin treatments aren’t enough, but you’re not ready for surgery. Thread lifts are done in the office under local anesthetic. You’ll likely need a few days for minor swelling to subside, but otherwise there’s no major downtime.

Our thread lift specialists at Qvita Health & Wellness use the Les Encres line of thread lift products. Les Encres offers PDO threads as well as threads of other materials designed for special applications. To find out more about how PDO thread lifts can improve your appearance, call our office in Wesley Chapel, Florida, at 813-501-4130. 

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